Monday, 12 November 2012

Life sign

It's been a whole since I posted here on my Alba Bears blog. A year has passed, so many things happened in the meantime. Most important of all, we have another family member. Last January Kilean Giulio was born, named after one of the Irish missionaries who came to Germany and Switzerland about 1500 years ago and after my father. He was as tiny as his sister was, and he still somehow seems to be smaller than other kids of his age, but he's healthy and his voice is fully developed already now. He is a healthy, happy and very lively wee man. We all love him, also his big sister Alba is very fond of him, even though she was very jealous at the beginning, and she still watches carefully and jealously over her toys. But she also cuddles and embraces him, so we're very optimistic that the two of them are on their right way. I am so happy for them. Times have been difficult sometimes this year, and they sometimes still are. It was a year of changes. My husband found a new professional challenge which is certainly something we can be thankful of. Summer brought enough work in the garden, and now that autumn is almost over, everything seems to settle down for winter. No, I'm not hibernating, but during this year, my other occupation just gained more and more importance. As some of you may know, I'm sewing children's clothing, accessories and decorations, and now that me have another child, life is full of inspiration. I spend almost each spare minute with "Bernie", me sewing machine (it's a Bernina, a Swiss brand, hence the name), and so many new things came to life during the last few months. I have so many ideas, so many projects running, it's overwhelming sometimes. Some of my projects can be seen on my other blog, Babelina & Button. With two little one and a garden keeping me busy, some things just have to be put aside. Therefore I had no time to make new teddy bears. Sometimes I miss them terribly, but they have to wait until the kids are bigger. However, I also wish that the situation will get better until then. The artist bear makers in Switzerland have only one big show left now, and there are surely smaller ones, but with a family it's not easy to attend to those to far away. And to be honest, I think customers, collectors and teddy bear lovers are not so willing to spend much money currently, so it's difficult to find buyers for our creations. The economical crisis keeps its grip on us all. Nonetheless, some days ago a dear friend of mine, a very special artist herself, bought one of my Alba Bears creations, a small rabbit called Mr. Burns. She bought him from my Etsy shop, and I didn't even realise until she contatced me directly. Such is the situation, I was so used to find my shop filled with my last few bears and other creatures. I am so happy that this little guy will find a new home not too far away from me, a home lived by 2 dogs, about a dozen cats and some birds. And two very nice human-beings. :-)
I certainly will pick up the teddy bear making again, and I will make teddies whenever I have time, but for the time being I stick to my children's stuff "micro-business". It's so amazing, I meet a lot of nice and interesting people, and each and every day is giving me new inspirations. Thanks for keep coming back to my blog, dear readers, teddy friends from all over the world. I will be back!

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