Monday, 14 March 2011

I'm moving my blog!

Dear all!

I was busy during these weeks, trying to build up my new business and organising my little studio, which was in a state that used to be, to be honest, a nightmare...
But now things seem to get settled, and I'm busy again making new bears. A client ordered a teddy, and she might even buy another one, which is always very pleasing. Business is not so well presently, I think people still don't like to spend too much money for art or collectibles. But nonetheless I have so many new designs and ideas, and I also would like to make space in my studio, so I started to sale off some of my "older" creations. I think it's time they leave home and find a new place to live. :-) So please have a look at my shop, thanks.

I also will have to make a proper hat for this lovely teddy lady. She is one of my so-called "older" creations, and I set her apart for a client who wanted me to buy her but never called to pick her up. She had a matching felt hat before, but I was not happy with it and the material was not up to my quality standards. So I will have to sit down and make a new one which will certainly turn out better.

And then, there's our daughter's birthday next Monday. We will have the family invited already on Sunday, so it's easier for everybody to come by and drop in for coffee and cake. I'm not so keen on big parties, but as my little one loves the company of our relatives, it's ok for me. This picture is one year old, and she grew a lot in the meantime, is less chubby and has longer hair. But the picture is great, she so loved to play with my fiberfill (and still would if I'd let her). Maybe she's a future bear artist too?

One last thing: I will be closing my "Bears & Scraps" blog soon. The reason is very simple: I used to have my own homepage for my Alba Bears, but I had nothing but troubles with the provider, and it got more and more complicated. I also was not happy that maintaining the site was so time-consuming. I'd rather spend my time with my family, or making bears, sewing children's clothing, working in the garden. So I decided to close my site. But then, I needed a proper blog, so that my customers can find me easily. And thus I set up a new blog named like my bears, AlbaBears. For a certain time, posts will be published on both blogs at the same time, but if you would like to follow my blog in the future, be sure to go to the NEW blog and follow me there. It was wonderful to have you as a follower here on "Bears & Scraps". There will be scraps of other crafts on my "AlbaBears" blog as well, and I would be deeply honoured and very glad to see you on my new blog soon.


  1. You have beautiful music on your blog. Can you tell the name of the group singers?

  2. Hi Tatjana (I hope I got it right, I'm not really skilled at reading Russian letters...), the band is called RUNRIG, it's a Scottish group. It's my favourite music, I've been lucky to see them several times in concert. The have a lot of Celtic influences and even sing in their native language, Gaelic. I guess there are a lot of songs available as downloads. Have fun and best regards from Switzerland, Doris

  3. Doris thanks! very good taste you have! so beautiful and exclusive music! I will try to find them )


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