Monday, 13 December 2010

Pouch for pacifiers and other small things

All women or mothers know the problem: pacifiers or other small things normally hide deep down on the bottom of big handbags or diaper bags. Recently I saw a pouch shaped like a triangular pyramid (a tetrahedron, to be precise), and I tried out to make one myself. I didn't have a pattern, but it was not difficult. Here is the result, and I produced many of them for my new label "Babelina & Button" and for my new Etsy shop

The most difficult part was the lining - I didn't want the seams to show, so the bag is really neatly lined. The short zipper is very handy, and a small strap helps opening and closing it.

With a metal clip on a longer strap the pouch can be fixed on the lining of a handbag, on a handbag handle, on the handle of a pram... 

And there are so many possibilities to combine lovely cotton prints with colourful zippers to create bunches of pouches for all kind of kids!

If you would like to have on of these, please contact me!

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