Thursday, 30 December 2010

Flu on Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear all

Our pasta star
I know it would have been polite to wish all the readers of this blog a merry Christmas. And I also planned to do so. But I was so sick, I couldn't do much during these days. I can't remember when I was so sick for the last time. I had an otitis media, an angina, a bad cough and fever. The otitis is better now, but still I can't hear anything with my left ear. For several nights, the coughing was so bad I couldn't sleep. But we had the first white Christmas since about 7 or 8 years! Fortunately, for lunch my DH had prepared a traditional Italian broth with small pasta stars, so I didn't have to cook. One even stuck to our daughter's cheek...

On Christmas evening we had invited only my parents, and I had prepared something "simple" for dinner. It was a traditional Swiss dish, filled pastry (Vol-au-vent) and vegetables, and homemade white and black chocolate mousse. This is one of my DH's favourite deserts.
Our daughter had so much fun opening all her presents, and she got a LOT. She is spoiled by each and everyone... From her uncle and god-father she got a wooden bike with lovely flowers on it!

The little chef
My parents gave her a toy kitchen, which was built together this very evening by ma father and my DH with great enthusiasm! Not bad for the late hour and the stuffed bellies...

The next morning, Alba detected the kitchen and started to play, and it's really one of her favourite things at the moment. It's really a joy to watch this little chef!

To my dear friends out there, wherever you are, I wish all the best for 2011!

Winter Greetings from the snowy Colanero's garden!


  1. Oh my goodness, I hope you are feeling better. It's no fun being sick, and especially at Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures of your family. Precious.

    Have a very Happy & Healthy New Year.


  2. Joyce, thank you so much for your kind words. The problem is, I'm not used to be so sick, my last angina was about 25 years ago...
    Well, I'm feeling much better now. I'll spend New Year with a huge pile of handkerchiefs. :-)

    Wishing you wonderful New Year's celebration, Doris

  3. Liebe Doris, ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch in ein glückliches Neues Jahr 2011. Und dass du schnell wieder ganz gesund bist und keine Taschentücher mehr brauchst. Gute Besserung.
    Liebe Silvestergrüße Iris

  4. Liebe Iris, danke für Deine lieben Zeilen - mir geht's schon besser. Ich wünsche auch Dir ein gutes neues Jahr und viele schöne Bärenstunden! Alles Gute, Doris


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