Monday, 13 December 2010

Fabric book cover

 In Switzerland, all babies get a medical booklet where all vaccinations and other controls are recorded. The booklet of our daughter is a little bit worn, even though she's not quite 2 years old.

My idea was to sew a book cover of a nice fabric to protect the booklet. I thought this would be useful for other parents too, as most families have such booklets. So I made some extra covers to sell at my Christmas fair.

 This is also a very simple, yet useful idea, perfect as a Christmas present for small or large books, for books you read or look through regularly or for those you carry around with you. I love books and try to take care for them, and I think other people do this as well.

Just measure the book, add the two parts that are folded to the inside of the cover, and add the seam allowance for the part along the top and the bottom edge of the book. The easiest way is to make a pattern or template of paper or thin cardstock.

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