Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tea-candle cards

To fill my stand at the upcoming Christmas fair, I made some tea-candle cards. These are great, as they are easy to make and you have unlimited possibilities to decorate them, and you can easily vary the size.

I used some tea-candle of an average size, this means: the smaller ones (about 1.5 inches), most are even scented and coloured.
The bigger cards contain 3 of them. The smaller cards are not proper cards - they just have one big candle.

When I was shopping, I found some bathing tabs with natural healing essences - almost the same size of the big candles. I had to modify the pattern for the card only slightly.

I printed all the saying myself, as my stamps usually are in English, and I realised that, even though everyone speaks at least a little bit English, people here in Switzerland normally prefer German texts on Christmas cards.

I think these are great small gifts, something that doesn't cost much and are perfect to give someone you just want to say "Merry Christmas" - instead of the same "flat" cards you write each year. And I had so much fun making them - I hope I can sell some of them. Otherwise I have to give them all to my neighbours, to my husand's cousins...


  1. Doris,

    Very nice. You are very talented.


  2. Oh, and I love your Christmas wallpaper.

  3. Thank you, Joyce! But know this, you don't need that much talent for these cards, they are very easy to make. And I think they are a perfect project for kids, with a little assistance from an experienced crafter, they would have so much fun decorating them!


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