Friday, 5 November 2010

More than 500 visits!

I completely missed that somehow I passed the mark - my blog has been visited more than 500 time so far. This is exciting! I know, compared to other blogs, mine is quite boring, and unfortunately I don't have time to post all the things I do. Of course, I could post them, but then I could work less...

I am preparing stuff for my Christmas fair, but I can work only when my little princess is sleeping. (Today, she was rather a monster - she smeared her dirty hands, full of pasta, tomato sauce and cheese, in her hair. And when I tried to bath her, she cried terribly. Hm, sometimes it's not easy to understand your child.) I was thinking about making one or two more teddies for the fait, but then I changed my mind. Last year, I sold by mere chance only two teddies, and this was disappointing. So I rather make some smaller things that people like to buy for Christmas, mainly useful and lovely things for kids. I will soon post about them.

But this little fellow will be with my at the fair!


  1. Dear Doris,

    Your Blog is NOT boring. Not in any way, shape or form. I enjoy reading about your bears.

    Baby is being a monster? No, how about "overly active and local"? Sounds better, no? (o:

    Happy weekend.


  2. Hallo Doris, dein Blog ist sehr schön und ich finde ihn gar nicht langweilig.
    Und der Bär ist super. Mütze und Schal stehen ihm gut.
    Liebe Grüße Iris

  3. Thank you and "Danke" for your lovely comments! It's so nice to know that there are wonderful person out there who read my blog. :-)

    @ Joyce: Yes, she is "overly active", and I'm always exhausted, but she seems to be endlessly fit!


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