Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A big bib for our big girl

Now that our daughter Alba tries to eat by herself, normal bibs are not enough anymore to protect her clothes. On some days I have to change her after each meal, she just can't / doesn't want to eat properly. To reduce the amount of laundry (haha, wishful thinking...) and to take care of her clothes, I wanted to buy a bigger bib with sleeves. But I found only some plastic things in the big Swedish furniture store, and I HATE them.

I went to a fabric store recently (I needed some notions for one of my Christmas fair projects), and what did I find? Yes, fabric. For a fabric-addict like me no wonder. A cute cotton print by Quilting Treasures, the sweetest Paddington bears making cookies on a bright orange background, just the colour of orange marmalade. A perfect print to make stains of all kind kindly disappear!

Of course, after we had lunch, I brought my little one to bed for her nap, and while she was sleeping, mommy worked. I got the inspiration for the pattern from a bib that is too small now. I found some remains of a blue bias tape I had to sew together.

Voilà! (OK, the precious baby doesn't seem to be too happy on some pictures, but she was still a little bit sleepy...)

The bib has some kind of raglan sleeves and an open back. So the bib can be worn over the security belt of Alba's seat. (One thing less to clean...) The front is lined with cotton fabric, and the bib is closed with velcro.

And as you can see, the bib still allows the baby to move!

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