Monday, 12 November 2012

Life sign

It's been a whole since I posted here on my Alba Bears blog. A year has passed, so many things happened in the meantime. Most important of all, we have another family member. Last January Kilean Giulio was born, named after one of the Irish missionaries who came to Germany and Switzerland about 1500 years ago and after my father. He was as tiny as his sister was, and he still somehow seems to be smaller than other kids of his age, but he's healthy and his voice is fully developed already now. He is a healthy, happy and very lively wee man. We all love him, also his big sister Alba is very fond of him, even though she was very jealous at the beginning, and she still watches carefully and jealously over her toys. But she also cuddles and embraces him, so we're very optimistic that the two of them are on their right way. I am so happy for them. Times have been difficult sometimes this year, and they sometimes still are. It was a year of changes. My husband found a new professional challenge which is certainly something we can be thankful of. Summer brought enough work in the garden, and now that autumn is almost over, everything seems to settle down for winter. No, I'm not hibernating, but during this year, my other occupation just gained more and more importance. As some of you may know, I'm sewing children's clothing, accessories and decorations, and now that me have another child, life is full of inspiration. I spend almost each spare minute with "Bernie", me sewing machine (it's a Bernina, a Swiss brand, hence the name), and so many new things came to life during the last few months. I have so many ideas, so many projects running, it's overwhelming sometimes. Some of my projects can be seen on my other blog, Babelina & Button. With two little one and a garden keeping me busy, some things just have to be put aside. Therefore I had no time to make new teddy bears. Sometimes I miss them terribly, but they have to wait until the kids are bigger. However, I also wish that the situation will get better until then. The artist bear makers in Switzerland have only one big show left now, and there are surely smaller ones, but with a family it's not easy to attend to those to far away. And to be honest, I think customers, collectors and teddy bear lovers are not so willing to spend much money currently, so it's difficult to find buyers for our creations. The economical crisis keeps its grip on us all. Nonetheless, some days ago a dear friend of mine, a very special artist herself, bought one of my Alba Bears creations, a small rabbit called Mr. Burns. She bought him from my Etsy shop, and I didn't even realise until she contatced me directly. Such is the situation, I was so used to find my shop filled with my last few bears and other creatures. I am so happy that this little guy will find a new home not too far away from me, a home lived by 2 dogs, about a dozen cats and some birds. And two very nice human-beings. :-)
I certainly will pick up the teddy bear making again, and I will make teddies whenever I have time, but for the time being I stick to my children's stuff "micro-business". It's so amazing, I meet a lot of nice and interesting people, and each and every day is giving me new inspirations. Thanks for keep coming back to my blog, dear readers, teddy friends from all over the world. I will be back!

Monday, 20 June 2011

No news...

...usually are good news. Well, in my case, the silence on this blog was due to sickness and simple exhaustion. I don't complain, we are more or less ok, especially our little one, but it took me far longer to recover from a flu and the recent hard works in our garden. It was probably too much, and I really had to slow down and let the weed grow. But I will be back soon with new creations and more posts, promised!

Keine Neuigkeiten sind normalerweise gute Neuigkeiten. Mein Schweigen hier auf meinem Blog war hauptsächlich deshalb, weil ich krank und ziemlich ausgepumpt war. Ich beklage mich nicht, uns geht es weitgehend gut, vor allem unserer kleinen Bohne, aber es hat doch recht lange gedauert, bis ich mich von einer Grippe und der vielen Gartenarbeit einigermassen erholt hatte. Es war wirklich "a bisserl" viel, und jetzt muss ich erst mal mich in Geduld üben und das Unkraut Unkraut bleiben lassen. Doch ich hoffe, bald mit neuen Kreationen zurück zu sein!

At least, I found a home for one of my recent creations, Frazzle. He will travel to North Carolina, and I hope he will be lucky there.

Wenigstens hat eine meiner letzten Kreationen, Frazzle, ein neues Zuhause gefunden - in den USA, genauer in Nord Carolina. So wandern die Alba Bears in letzter Zeit fast nur noch nach Übersee aus...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rosy dreams...

"Duchesse of Cornwall", aka "Chippendale"

Our roses are beginning to bloom these days. If you would like to see more pictures, read my post on my "Babelina & Button" blog!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spring, spring... and almost over

After a very warm and dry spring we had finally a little bit of rain yesterday. It was surely not enough, but enough for some plants to recover a little bit.

We have a first rose blooming, as expected it's the "Stanwell Perpetual" grown as a standard, but I have not taken a picture so far. There are a lot of late tulips still in bloom, but also the first of my Iris barbata. Spring is slowly moving on, making space for summer to come. Early this year...
On Easter sunday we had a wonderful BBQ in our garden with my parents a friend of ours who happened to be alone those days. It was a wonderful evening, with nice temperatures and lots of laughter.

Our elder tree is full of lice, but there are also lots of different ladybugs who feed on them!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Etsy Treasury featuring Bruce

Bruce, one of my favourite creations, is featured in a wonderful treasury on Etsy - what a lovely parade of teddy bears!

Click on the image to see them all!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring! * Frühling

Peach "Roter Weinberg"

What a wonderful, warm and sunny weekend! We did a lot of garden-work, and our daughter was with us all the time, buzzing around like a bee, collecting pebbles, playing with beetles and dirt...

Es war ein wundervolles und sehr sonniges Wochenende. Schon die Woche davor hatten wir prächtiges Wetter, so dass ich viel im Garten arbeiten konnte. Unsere Tochter liebt den Garten genau so sehr wie wir, und mittlerweile beschäftigt sie sich auch ganz gut alleine mit Steinen, Käfern, ihrem Sandkasten und anderem...

Our Magnolia stellata shrub was splendid, but the most beautiful thing was our newly planted peach tree. It was a "replacement" for the old cherry tree, which was growing in an unsuitable corner of our garden and in a bad condition. The peach tree is a very old breed called "Roter Weinberg", and the fruits will be red and very aromatic. When the deep pink and scented blossoms fall in the grass, it looks like confetti...

Unsere kleine Stern-Magnolie war eine Pracht, aber am meisten freut uns unsere neu gepflanzter Pfirsichbaum. Wir haben ihn als Ersatz für den sehr alten Kirschbaum gesetzt, der leider sehr ungesund war und an einem ungünstigen Ort stand. Es handelt sich bei diesem Pfirsich um eine ganz alte Sorte, "Roter Weinberg", dessen Früchte innen rot sind und sehr aromatisch sein sollen. Die Blüten sind ganz rosa und duften, und als sie verblühten war das Gras übersät mit ihnen, so dass es wie Konfetti aussah...

Tulipa sylvestris
So many tulips are blooming, pansies, daffodils, and one of my favourites, a Pulsatilla. The roses are growing, and some of them alredy have buds.

Viele Tulpen blühen, Stiefmütterchen, Narzissen, und das "Tränende Herz" (Lamprocapnos spectabilis), aber ganz besonders ans Herz gewachsen ist mir die Pulsatilla. Sehr früh wegen des warmen Frühjahrs-Wetters treiben die Rosen aus, und gewiss ein halbes Dutzend hat schon kleine Knospen.

However, due to the garden work, so many projects and works are still unfinished. But as the wetaher today is grey and rather cold, I have time to catch up. And time to dream of more warm days to come and of roses blooming early....

Leider bleiben wegen des Gartens derzeit viele Projekte und viel Arbeit im Haus liegen. Aber heute ist was Wetter grau und trist, so dass ich einige Sachen nachholen kann. Und träumen von weiteren sonnigen Frühlingstagen, und einer hoffentlich frühen Rosenblüte...

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